Things to Do in Manchester - Discover the Best Places to Visit

Zach Rowlandson
December 31
Written by Elena Kostas

Discover things to do in Manchester and explore the best places to visit in this vibrant English city. Plan your trip with our Manchester guide.

Manchester is a fascinating city that offers a wealth of experiences for travelers. With its rich industrial history and vibrant cultural scene, there is plenty to see and do in this northern English city.

If you're wondering what to see in Manchester, don't miss the Manchester Cathedral with its impressive Gothic architecture. We also recommend exploring the Northern Quarter neighborhood, known for its art galleries and independent shops. Another must-visit place is the Museum of Science and Industry, which provides a fascinating insight into Manchester's industrial past.

In addition to its tourist attractions, Manchester is also famous for its lively nightlife. There are plenty of bars, clubs, and restaurants where you can enjoy local music and cuisine.

In summary, Manchester is a city that offers a wide range of activities and places to visit. Don't miss our tips and recommendations in our Manchester guide.

1. Manchester Cathedral

History and Cultural Heritage
inside of the cathedral
Manchester Cathedral / Old Youth, Unsplash

Manchester Cathedral is one of the city's most prominent and iconic landmarks. Located in the heart of Manchester, this stunning architectural masterpiece is witness to centuries of history and culture.

The cathedral building, with its dazzling Gothic architectural style and towering spires, is a true feast for the eyes. Inside, visitors will find a rich collection of art and sculptures that tell the story of Manchester and its religious and cultural significance.

A visit to Manchester Cathedral is an opportunity to explore its magnificent interior, enjoy its peaceful beauty, and immerse yourself in the spirituality that emanates from this sacred place. Whether you're seeking a religious experience or simply want to admire the historical and artistic beauty, Manchester Cathedral is a must-visit for all visitors to the city.

2. Northern Quarter Manchester

Entertainment and Pop Culture
a bunch of lights that are hanging from a ceiling
Northern Quarter Manchester / Terry Hamlett, Unsplash

The Northern Quarter Manchester is one of the most authentic and fascinating places to visit in Manchester. This bohemian district has become a meeting point for artists, musicians, and alternative culture lovers.

Stroll through its streets filled with street art and discover the creative expressions of local and international artists. Every corner is a blank canvas where art blends with everyday life.

Moreover, the Northern Quarter is famous for its vintage shops. You'll find a wide variety of unique boutiques where you can get vintage clothing, retro accessories, and antique items.

3. Art Galleries in Manchester

Museums and Art Galleries

Manchester is known for its vibrant art scene and impressive art galleries. If you're a fan of exhibitions and passionate about contemporary art, this destination should be on your list of things to do in Manchester.

In Manchester's art galleries, you can delight in a wide selection of works by local and international artists, with innovative and groundbreaking proposals that will leave you impressed.

In addition to enjoying the exhibitions, you'll have the opportunity to meet emerging artists and take part in cultural events that will immerse you in the city's vibrant art scene.

4. Independent Shops in Manchester

Shopping and Commerce

Things to do in Manchester

One option you can't miss out on is exploring the incredible independent shops in the city. Manchester takes great pride in its unique and vibrant shopping scene, where you'll find a wide range of stores offering exclusive and high-quality products.

Manchester's independent shops are a true treasure for shopping enthusiasts. From fashion boutiques to vintage stores, record shops, art galleries, and more, you'll find it all here. These local businesses offer a personalized and authentic shopping experience, away from the big chains and shopping malls.

Take a stroll through Manchester's streets and discover these charming independent shops. Each one has its own personality and style, and you'll be amazed by the variety of unique products they have to offer.

5. Nightlife in Manchester

Entertainment and Pop Culture

The nightlife in Manchester is one of the most vibrant and exciting in the UK. The city offers a wide selection of bars, clubs, and pubs to suit all tastes and music styles. Manchester is known for its lively nightlife and welcoming atmosphere, making it a perfect place to enjoy an unforgettable night.

One of the highlights of the nightlife in Manchester is the Northern Quarter, a diverse neighborhood full of trendy bars and live music venues. Here, you'll find a perfect mix of musical styles, from alternative rock to electronic music. Additionally, the city's traditional pubs are also very popular among locals and tourists.

If you're looking for a more exclusive experience, you can't miss the nightclubs in Manchester. These venues offer a unique party experience, with renowned DJ sessions and stunning decor. Without a doubt, the music and atmosphere of Manchester's clubs will keep you dancing until the early hours.

6. Bars in Manchester

Entertainment and Pop Culture$$$

If you're wondering what to do in Manchester, don't miss out on its incredible bars. The city has a wide range of venues where you can enjoy delicious cocktails, craft beers, and the best live music.

Manchester's bars are known for their lively atmosphere and unique decor. Some of the most popular ones include XYZ Bar, famous for its spectacular panoramic views of the city, and Brickhouse Social, renowned for its extensive drink selection and cozy ambiance.

Whether you're a beer lover, a cocktail enthusiast, or a live music fan, Manchester's bars have something for everyone. Don't miss the chance to experience an unforgettable night out in this vibrant city in northern England.

7. Manchester Clubs

Entertainment and Pop Culture

Things to do in Manchester

The city of Manchester has a vibrant nightlife and a thriving music scene. Its clubs are famous worldwide, and it's no wonder since Manchester has been the birthplace of many music genres and has given rise to important bands and artists over the years.

Explore the music scene

Manchester clubs are known for their great sounds and lively atmospheres. Whether you're into rock, electronic music, or indie, you'll find a wide variety of venues to enjoy live music or dance to the beats of top DJs.

Guaranteed fun

In addition to the great music, Manchester clubs offer a unique experience. You can enjoy themed parties, live shows, and special events. No matter what night of the week you choose to go out, there's always something exciting happening at Manchester clubs.

8. Restaurants in Manchester

Food and Markets

Things to do in Manchester

One of the best ways to experience the city is through its incredible dining scene. Manchester is famous for its restaurants, offering a blend of traditional British cuisine and international influences.

From classic British pubs to fine dining establishments, there are options to suit every palate. Try the famous fish and chips, indulge in an authentic Sunday roast, or venture into ethnic eateries for international flavors.

Food enthusiasts will find Manchester a culinary paradise that combines tradition, innovation, and flavors from around the world. Enjoy a unique sensory experience!

9. Manchester Industrial History

History and Cultural Heritage

Manchester is a city that has played a crucial role in the industrial history of the United Kingdom. During the industrial revolution, it became the epicenter of textile production, leading the way towards modernity.

In Manchester, you can discover the history of iconic factories such as the Manchester Cotton Factory and the Museum of Science and Industry, where machines and tools that transformed the industry are displayed.

You can't miss the experience of visiting the canals of Manchester, such as the Rochdale Canal, which were fundamental for the transportation of products and raw materials at the time.