Discover the Best of Brighton: Travel Guide

Ben Guerin
February 5
Written by Elena Kostas

Discover the best of Brighton and enjoy an unforgettable experience. Find out what to see in Brighton, places to visit in Brighton, and things to do in this charming coastal city.

In this travel guide, we show you everything you need to know to make the most of your visit to Brighton. Located on the south coast of England, Brighton is known for its beautiful seafront, iconic pier, and vibrant atmosphere.

One of Brighton's main attractions is its famous Brighton Pier, a place full of entertainment for all ages. You can also enjoy beautiful beaches, boutique shops, first-class restaurants, and an exciting nightlife.

You can't miss the Royal Pavilion, an impressive Oriental-style palace that will transport you to ancient times. You can also explore the Brighton Museum & Art Gallery, which houses an impressive collection of art and historical artifacts.

For nature lovers, the Brighton Sea Life Centre is a must-visit. You can discover a wide variety of marine species and learn about the importance of their conservation.

Come to Brighton and discover everything this charming city has to offer!

1. Brighton Pier

Entertainment and Pop Culture$$$
white concrete building near sea under blue sky during daytime
Brighton Pier / Orry Verducci, Unsplash

Brighton Pier, also known as the Brighton Pier, is one of the most famous tourist attractions in the city. Located on the south coast of England, this iconic pier is a must-visit if you're in Brighton.

Known for its lively atmosphere and colorful stalls, Brighton Pier offers a wide variety of entertainment for all tastes. From family-friendly attractions to restaurants and shops, there's always something exciting to do here.

Take a leisurely stroll along the pier and feel the sea breeze on your face as you admire the incredible sea views. Don't forget to try the delicious fish and chips, a true British specialty, at one of the many food stalls. You'll love it!

2. Royal Pavilion

Historical Monuments and Architecture$$$
a large white building with lots of domes on top of it
Royal Pavilion / Ana Simon, Unsplash

The Royal Pavilion in Brighton is a must-visit tourist attraction in the coastal city of Brighton. Known for its unique architecture, it combines Eastern and Western elements in an extravagant and striking design.

Built in the 19th century as a summer residence for Prince Regent George IV, this palace is a true national treasure. Its stained glass windows, domes, and ornate details will transport you to an exotic and surprising world.

Admire the beautiful gardens surrounding the Royal Pavilion and immerse yourself in its fascinating history. A must-see for all culture and art enthusiasts!

4. Brighton Sea Life Centre

Entertainment and Pop Culture$$$

Discover the Brighton Sea Life Centre, one of Brighton's most popular tourist attractions. Immerse yourself in a fascinating underwater world and get up close to the incredible marine creatures that inhabit its various aquariums.

At the Brighton Sea Life Centre, you will find a wide variety of marine species, from vibrant tropical fish to impressive sharks. You can observe how they move and interact in their aquatic environment.

Don't miss the exhibitions and interactive activities offered by the center. Learn about marine conservation, participate in educational talks, and discover the work being done to protect and preserve marine life.

5. The Lanes of Brighton

Shopping and Commerce

If you visit Brighton, you cannot miss The Lanes, an area full of history and charm that will transport you back in time. Located in the heart of the city, The Lanes is a network of cobblestone alleyways that houses a variety of unique shops and boutiques.

Explore the narrow streets and discover vintage shops where you can find unique fashion pieces, vintage jewelry, and antiques. The colorful shop fronts and historic buildings offer a picturesque and authentic atmosphere.

Don't miss the opportunity to enjoy delicious food or drink in the cozy cafes and pubs of The Lanes. From charming cafes to traditional pubs, you will find options for every taste. In addition, you can enjoy live music and performances in some of these establishments.

6. Devil's Dyke

Natural Spaces and Parks

Devil's Dyke is a must-visit place in Brighton. This famous tourist attraction offers stunning panoramic views, a fascinating history, and exciting outdoor activities.

Located just a short drive from Brighton, Devil's Dyke is a deep, steep-sided valley that was formed during the last ice age. This natural wonder provides breathtaking landscapes and is perfect for hiking and enjoying nature.

If you're passionate about hiking, you won't be disappointed with the numerous trails that traverse Devil's Dyke. From easy walks to challenging paths for experienced hikers, there are options for all levels.

7. British Airways i360

Historical Monuments and Architecture$$$

British Airways i360 is an incredible tourist attraction that is a part of Brighton's skyline, offering visitors stunning views of the city and the South Coast of England. This state-of-the-art observation tower is a must-visit for those who want to experience the beauty of Brighton from above.

Step aboard the pod and gently ascend to the top for spectacular panoramic views. From the top, you'll be able to marvel at the breathtaking views of the sea, Brighton Pier, the iconic Royal Pavilion, and much more.

If you're planning a visit to Brighton, you can't miss the British Airways i360. It's a unique opportunity to enjoy a completely new perspective of this vibrant coastal city.

8. North Laine

Shopping and Commerce

North Laine is a picturesque area in Brighton that you shouldn't miss during your visit to the seaside city. Known for its labyrinthine streets filled with independent shops, vintage stores, cozy cafes, and charming bars, North Laine offers a unique and fun experience for all visitors.

Shopaholics will find paradise here. From fashionable boutiques and vintage accessories to record and comic book shops, you'll find it all in North Laine. In addition, you can enjoy the abundance of street artists filling the streets with music and color.

If you're looking for something to eat, North Laine also offers a wide variety of dining options. From international restaurants to quirky cafes and historic pubs, you're sure to find something you'll love.

9. Hove Lagoon

Outdoor Activities and Sports$$$

Hove Lagoon is one of the most special places to visit in Brighton. Located in a stunning setting, this lagoon is the perfect destination for those looking to spend a day full of water fun. With its calm waters and friendly atmosphere, Hove Lagoon offers a wide range of water activities to enjoy.

Things to do:

- Try stand-up paddleboarding and kayaking

- Take a pedal boat ride

- Learn to sail a catamaran

Whether you're a beginner or an expert in water sports, Hove Lagoon has something for everyone. Come and discover all that this place has to offer!