Discover the Best Things to Do in Bangkok

Worachat Sodsri, Unsplash
December 21
Written by Aisha Chen

Find out about the top attractions and activities in Bangkok. Explore the must-see landmarks, experience the vibrant culture, and immerse yourself in the bustling atmosphere of this incredible city.

When you think of vibrant nightlife, scrumptious street food, and a cultural experience like no other, there's one city that surely springs to mind - Bangkok. With its mix of ancient traditions and modern skyscrapers, this capital city of Thailand offers a multitude of diverse experiences. This article will serve as your personal Bangkok guide, directing you to some of the essential places to visit in Bangkok.

Not sure about what to see in Bangkok? Have no fear. This bustling city, home to nearly 10 million people, is brimming with things to do. From historical temples to enthralling boat rides on the Chao Phraya River, there's something for everyone. Let's dive into the unmissable things to do in Bangkok.

1. The Grand Palace

Historical Monuments and Architecture
The Grand Palace
The Grand Palace / Jayanth Muppaneni, Unsplash

The Grand Palace is one of the must-visit tourist attractions in Bangkok for history and architecture enthusiasts. With its impressive buildings, sacred temples, and lush gardens, this royal complex is a reflection of Thailand's past splendor.

Built in 1782, the Grand Palace served as the official residence of the Kings of Siam for over 150 years. Its architectural design, blending traditional Thai style with European influences, makes it a unique and fascinating place to explore.

Don't miss a visit to the renowned Temple of the Emerald Buddha, which houses Thailand's most sacred Buddha statue. Its historical and religious significance makes it a cherished place for Thais and a gem of the Grand Palace.

2. Wat Arun

Historical Monuments and Architecture
Wat Arun
Wat Arun / REY MELVIN CARAAN, Unsplash

Wat Arun is an impressive structure located along the Chao Phraya River in Bangkok, Thailand. Also known as the Temple of Dawn, it is one of the city's most iconic landmarks and a must-visit for tourists.

With its towering spires and intricate architecture, Wat Arun is a breathtaking example of Thai beauty. The spires are adorned with porcelain mosaics and rise above the city skyline, making it one of the most photographed spots in Bangkok.

To reach Wat Arun, you can take a boat along the Chao Phraya River and enjoy panoramic views of the city. Once there, don't forget to climb the steps of the main tower for a spectacular view of Bangkok and the river.

3. Chatuchak Weekend Market

Food and Markets

Chatuchak Weekend Market is one of the world's largest outdoor markets and a top tourist attraction in Bangkok. With over 8,000 stalls, it's a shopaholic's paradise. From clothing and accessories to antiques and crafts, you can find it all here. In addition to shops, there's also a wide selection of food stalls where you can try delicious Thai dishes.

The market is divided into several sections, each specializing in different types of products. You can explore areas dedicated to fashion, handicrafts, furniture, pets, and more. The maze of alleyways will lead you to surprises at every turn, always with something new and interesting to discover.

Don't forget to haggle. Bargaining is an important part of Thai culture, and prices are usually negotiable, so don't be afraid to ask for a discount. Enjoy the experience of shopping at Chatuchak Weekend Market!

4. Wat Pho

History and Cultural Heritage
Wat Pho
Wat Pho / Kevin Olson, Unsplash

Wat Pho is one of the top things to do in Bangkok. This incredible Buddhist temple is famous for housing the largest reclining Buddha statue in Thailand, which measures approximately 46 meters long and is covered in gold.

The temple also houses one of the oldest and most important Thai massage schools in the country. It is said that the Thai massage technique was first taught here, so many visitors come to the temple to receive a relaxing and revitalizing massage.

In addition to its impressive architecture and religious significance, Wat Pho is also known for housing a large number of historical inscriptions and frescoes that depict Thai culture and Buddhist tradition.

5. Chinatown Bangkok

History and Cultural Heritage
Chinatown Bangkok
Chinatown Bangkok / Pascal Gambin, Unsplash

Chinatown Bangkok is one of the must-visit tourist destinations in the Thai capital. Known as Yaowarat, this vibrant neighborhood offers a fascinating blend of Chinese and Thai culture.

Stroll through its lively streets, admire the traditional architecture, visit colorful temples and immerse yourself in authentic Chinese culture and cuisine.

In addition, Chinatown is famous for its street markets, where you can find a wide variety of delicious dishes, exotic spices and souvenirs. Don't leave without trying the famous Pad Thai or the irresistible Chinese dumplings.

6. Khao San Road

Entertainment and Pop Culture
assorted-color balloons
Khao San Road / Syed Ahmad, Unsplash

Khao San Road is one of the top destinations for travelers visiting Bangkok. Located in the old town area of the city, this vibrant street offers a unique experience for backpackers looking to immerse themselves in Thai culture and meet fellow travelers from around the world.

Known as the meeting place for adventurers and explorers, Khao San Road is filled with bars, restaurants, street food stalls, and shops selling everything from souvenirs to local clothing and accessories. It's the perfect place to enjoy Thai nightlife, sample delicious street food, and get unique souvenirs.

In addition to being a popular destination among travelers, Khao San Road is also a convenient starting point for exploring other tourist attractions in Bangkok. From here, you can visit the Grand Palace, the Temple of Dawn, and the city's famous floating markets. Whether you're looking for an exciting nightlife, an authentic culinary experience, or simply want to immerse yourself in Thai culture, Khao San Road has something to offer for everyone.

7. Jim Thompson House

Museums and Art Galleries
Jim Thompson House
Jim Thompson House / Ragnar Vorel, Unsplash

Jim Thompson House is one of the most important tourist attractions in Bangkok and a must-visit place in Bangkok. Located in the city center, this museum offers a glimpse into the life and legacy of Jim Thompson, the famous Thai entrepreneur and art collector.

Thompson, known for his love of Thai culture and craftsmanship, mysteriously disappeared in 1967, but his house and art collection continue to be a testament to his passion and contribution to the silk industry in Thailand.

While exploring the Jim Thompson House, you can admire the traditional Thai architecture, lush gardens, and impressive art collection, which includes paintings, ceramics, and sculptures from different eras and styles.

8. Floating Markets of Bangkok

Food and Markets
Floating Markets of Bangkok
Floating Markets of Bangkok / Norbert Braun, Unsplash

The Floating Markets of Bangkok are one of the city's most popular tourist attractions. These markets, located in the water canals, offer a unique and fascinating experience. Taking a boat ride through the colorful and lively canals is an unforgettable way to immerse yourself in Thai culture.

At the floating markets, you can find a wide variety of fresh products such as tropical fruits, vegetables, fish, and seafood. Additionally, you'll also find different food stalls where you can taste typical Thai dishes, such as the famous Pad Thai or delicious Thai curries.

In addition to gastronomy, you can find a wide variety of handicrafts, clothing, souvenirs, and much more. The floating markets are the perfect place to enjoy a shopping day while immersing yourself in the local culture.

9. Soi Cowboy

Entertainment and Pop Culture
people standing near the building
Soi Cowboy / Frida Aguilar Estrada, Unsplash

Soi Cowboy is a narrow street located in the heart of Bangkok that has become one of the city's top tourist destinations.

Known for its lively nightlife, Soi Cowboy is home to a plethora of bars and clubs where you can enjoy live music, cabaret shows, and special events.

Whether you're looking for a few drinks with friends, a night of fun, or simply want to soak up Bangkok's unique atmosphere, Soi Cowboy is the perfect place to have an unforgettable experience.

10. Rattanakosin Island

Historical Monuments and Architecture

Things to do in Rattanakosin Island

Rattanakosin Island is famous for its impressive collection of temples, known as Wats. From the majestic Wat Phra Kaew to the magnificent Wat Arun, these temples are true architectural gems that will transport you to another era. Admire the beauty of their golden sculptures, intricate details, and the serenity that envelops every corner.

In addition to temples, Rattanakosin Island is also home to incredible royal palaces. Explore the iconic Grand Palace, former residence of the kings of Thailand, and marvel at its magnificence. Don't miss the Temple of the Emerald Buddha, located within the Grand Palace, which houses a valuable Buddha statue carved in jade.

Immerse yourself in Thai culture as you explore Rattanakosin Island. Stroll through the Banglamphu neighborhood, known for its bohemian atmosphere and vibrant nightlife. Enjoy authentic Thai street food at local markets and be amazed by the unique flavors and aromas.