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When you choose to travel in Indonesia, you are embarking on an adventure of a lifetime. The breathtaking landscapes, the incredible culture, and the captivating history are just the beginning of what's waiting for you on your Indonesia holidays. Our organized trips to Indonesia are designed to immerse you fully in the experience, setting your heart racing and awakening your senses in more ways than one. Don't just visit Indonesia, live it!

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Why visit Indonesia

Planning your next holiday? Immerse yourself in the exotic and diverse charm of South East Asia with a trip to Indonesia. Uncover secrets of the landscape, cultural vibrancy, delicious cuisine, and more, that make Indonesia holidays an unforgettable experience.

  • Rich Cultural Heritage: Be it the ancient temples of Yogyakarta or traditional Balinese arts, "travel in Indonesia" is synonymous with a rich cultural immersion.
  • Stunning Landscapes: Indonesia is home to scenic landscapes that cover lush mountains, expansive rice paddies, iconic volcano sites and more.
  • Exquisite Gastronomy: Explore the complex flavors and diversity of Indonesian food; where every region has its own unique gastronomic journey.
  • Marine Biodiversity: Being part of the Coral Triangle, Indonesia is a paradise for divers and snorkeling enthusiasts.
  • Thrilling Adventure Sports: If you love adventure, holidays in Indonesia offer numerous activities like surfing, trekking, and wildlife spotting.
  • Indigenous Wildlife: "Travel in Indonesia" also provides opportunities to encounter unique wildlife species such as Orangutans and Komodo Dragons.

Best time to visit Indonesia

For those planning their Indonesia holidays: Trips & experiences, the first question to ask might be: When is the best time to visit Indonesia? Each region of Indonesia distinctly features its own microclimate, but generally, the most comfortable time to visit would be during the May to September dry season. This is when you can fully enjoy exploring verdant rice terraces, majestic volcanoes, and idyllic beaches, enduring fewer rain interruptions and more blue skies.

Nevertheless, if you're a dedicated surfer or simply a budget traveler, coming during the wet season (October to April) also has its charms. The rain usually does not last the entire day and gives way to clear skies. And due to off-peak travel rates, you might discover more affordable accommodation and flights during these months, increasing the appeal of Indonesia holidays: Trips & experiences. Remember though, it's Indonesia—you'll encounter magical experiences no matter when you decide to visit.

Destinations guide in Indonesia

Travel tips

If you're considering a holiday in Indonesia, it's essential to plan ahead. Our travel tips offer handy advice about every aspect of your trip, from acquiring visas to getting the right vaccines, and much more. Armed with these advice, your Indonesia travel experience will be all the more memorable and hassle-free.

  • Visas: Depending on your nationality, you may need a visa to enter Indonesia. It's important to check this well in advance of your trip.
  • Vaccines: Common vaccines needed for Indonesia include Hepatitis A, Typhoid, Tetanus, and Poliomyelitis. Be sure to consult your doctor to know what vaccinations you will need.
  • Safety tips: Though Indonesia is generally safe, it's wise to stay alert in busy areas. Keep your belongings secure and avoid less touristy areas at night.
  • Customs rules: Know before you go. Indonesia has strict laws on items you can bring into the country. Familiarize yourself with these rules to avoid any issues.
  • Language: While English is commonly spoken in tourist areas, learning a few phrases in Bahasa Indonesia can enrich your travel experience.
  • Weather: The climate in Indonesia is tropical. Pack lightweight and breathable clothing but remember a light jacket for the cooler night.

Culture and Traditions

Indonesia is famed for its rich and diverse culture and traditions, offering a fascinating experience for travellers. Embracing an ethos of community, harmony, and respect, Indonesian cultures place significant emphasis on societal etiquette. This local etiquette reflects across multiple facets like communication styles, table manners, social customs, and public behaviour. When you travel in Indonesia, observing these customs can sweeten your stay and create bonding moments with the locals.

Indonesians celebrate numerous festivals, each brimming with colour, enthusiasm and a deep sense of pride. The unique traditions showcased during these events are key attractions for those on an Indonesia holiday. A spectacle not to be missed is the Bali Arts Festival, held annually from mid-June to mid-July. This month-long festival is awash with traditional dances, music performances, and art exhibitions, epitomizing the rich artistic culture of the Indonesian archipelago.

Notably, Indonesia's traditions have a tangible presence in everyday life. Traditions encapsulate everything from the significant life events, such as weddings and funerals, to daily social interactions. One of the most evocative of these traditions is the elaborate Indonesian wedding ceremony. These weddings merge local customs, religious beliefs and family traditions into a vibrant celebration that's a sight for any travel in Indonesia itinerary.

A fulfilling cultural experience to add to your Indonesia holiday is local cuisine, which is a tradition in its own right. The country's rich and diverse culinary offerings, from Nasi Goreng (fried rice) to Satay (skewered meat), have been heavily influenced by historical trade routes and regional differences. Sampling these delicious Indonesian dishes is an important part of the cultural adventure.

Another highlight of Indonesian culture and traditions is the country's rich tapestry of music and dance. The iconic Ramayana Ballet, performed outdoors at Prambanan Temple in Java during the full moon from May to October, is an enchanting fusion of traditional Javanese dance, drama, and music. Those looking for immersive experiences in their trips & experiences will find it hard to beat.


Indonesia is not just famous for its beautiful landscapes, as part of your "Travel in Indonesia" don't forget to explore the diverse "Cuisine" that it offers. Each region in Indonesia has its own unique dishes that are worth trying.

One of the most famous dishes is Padang food, named after the city in West Sumatra. This cuisine is rich in herbs and spices, with flavoursome dishes like Rendang, a slow-cooked meat dish served with rice and often considered as one of the best foods in the world. While in Padang, make sure to visit Rumah Makan Minang, a highly recommended place to taste authentic Padang dishes during your "Indonesia holidays: Trips & experiences".

Another must-try is Balinese cuisine, famous for its 'Babi Guling' or suckling pig. The pig is stuffed and infused with a tantalizing mix of spices, then slow-roasted to perfection. Warung Babi Guling Ibu Oka in Ubud is one of the best places to try this special Balinese dish.

Indonesia also has a gastronomic event, called 'Festival Jajanan Bango', usually held in May. It’s a food festival where you can discover Indonesian cuisine from different regions, truly an exciting part of your "Travel in Indonesia".

In conclusion, Indonesian "Cuisine" is as diverse and beautiful as its archipelago. From the spicy Padang food to the roasted goodness of Babi Guling, experiencing the local food is an essential part of your "Indonesia holidays: Trips & experiences".