Discover Capri, the Italian paradise in the Tyrrhenian Sea

Letizia Agosta
January 29
Written by Elena Kostas

Discover everything you need to know about Capri, its beaches, cuisine, and tourist attractions. Plan your trip and enjoy this spectacular destination in Italy.

Located in the Tyrrhenian Sea, Capri is a dreamy island that is part of the Campania region in Italy. Surrounded by crystal-clear waters and stunning cliffs, Capri is famous for its natural beauty and exclusive atmosphere.

When visiting Capri, you can't miss the famous Blue Grotto, where you can immerse yourself in a sea cave illuminated by the reflection of sunlight on the water. You can also explore the Gardens of Augustus and enjoy panoramic views of the island and the sea.

Capri is also known for its vibrant nightlife and luxury shops. Stroll through the narrow streets of Capri town and discover exclusive boutiques, gourmet restaurants, and bars with stunning views.

When it comes to cuisine, Capri offers a delicious variety of traditional Italian dishes, such as Caprese pasta and Caprese salad, made with fresh tomatoes, mozzarella, and basil. Taste the authentic flavors of Italian cuisine in local restaurants.

How to Get to Capri

Capri is a beautiful island located off the coast of Italy, known for its stunning beaches, delicious cuisine, and tourist attractions. Getting to Capri is fairly easy, with several options available for travelers.

If you're coming from outside of Italy, the best way to reach Capri is by flying into Naples International Airport. From there, you can take a taxi or bus to the port of Naples, where ferries and hydrofoils depart regularly for Capri.

Once you arrive in Capri, you can explore the island by foot, or take advantage of the local transportation options. Buses and taxis are readily available, making it convenient to get around and visit different parts of the island.

Another popular way to reach Capri is by taking a private boat or yacht. This option allows you to enjoy the scenic views of the Mediterranean Sea as you approach the island, and offers a luxurious and exclusive experience.

In summary, getting to Capri is a breeze, whether you choose to fly into Naples and take a ferry, or opt for a private boat. Once you arrive, you'll be greeted by the island's natural beauty and charm, ready to embark on your Capri adventure.

Best Beaches in Capri

If you're dreaming of a Mediterranean paradise, Capri should be on the top of your list. With its crystal clear turquoise waters and breathtaking cliffside views, this Italian island is a true gem.

When it comes to beaches, Capri offers a variety of options that cater to every taste. From secluded coves to bustling sandy shores, there's something for everyone.

One of the most popular beaches in Capri is Marina Piccola. Nestled between towering cliffs, this small beach offers stunning views of the Faraglioni rock formations. It's the perfect spot to soak up the sun and take a refreshing dip in the Mediterranean Sea.

If you prefer a more exclusive experience, head to the Blue Grotto Beach. This hidden gem can only be accessed by boat, adding to its allure. The sea cave's iridescent blue waters create a magical atmosphere that you won't find anywhere else.

No beach guide to Capri would be complete without mentioning the famous Faro Beach. Located near the Punta Carena lighthouse, this pebble beach offers a unique setting with its picturesque cliffs and clear waters. It's a great place to relax and enjoy the natural beauty of the island.

Exploring the Blue Grotto

The Blue Grotto in Capri is a mesmerizing natural wonder that will leave you breathless.

Immerse yourself in the magical blue hues of the sea as you enter this enchanting cave.

Experience a sense of tranquility as you witness the light reflecting in the crystal-clear waters.

Marvel at the stunning rock formations that have been shaped by nature over thousands of years.

This unforgettable journey will transport you to a world of beauty and wonder.

Top Attractions in Capri

If you find yourself in the enchanting island of Capri, you absolutely cannot miss out on its top attractions. From breathtaking natural landscapes to iconic historical sites, Capri offers a little something for everyone.

One of the highlights is the mesmerizing Faraglioni, a trio of towering sea stacks that have become a symbol of the island. These dramatic rock formations are not only a sight to behold but also provide great opportunities for panoramic views and memorable photographs.

Another must-visit spot is the stunning Villa San Michele, perched on the hills of Anacapri. This historic villa offers a fascinating blend of art, architecture, and breathtaking views of the Mediterranean Sea.

For a glimpse into Capri's vibrant past, make sure to explore the ancient ruins of Villa Jovis. This grand Roman palace, built by Emperor Tiberius, offers a captivating insight into the island's rich history and provides breathtaking views of the coastline.

Last but not least, don't forget to take a stroll along the picturesque streets of Capri Town. This charming village is home to colorful houses, elegant boutiques, and delightful cafes, creating a perfect atmosphere for leisurely walks and exploration.

Where to Eat in Capri

When visiting the beautiful island of Capri in Italy, you cannot miss the opportunity to indulge in its exquisite cuisine. Capri offers a wide range of dining options, from charming seaside trattorias to Michelin-starred restaurants.

Immerse yourself in the local gastronomy by savoring the fresh seafood caught daily from the nearby Mediterranean Sea. From succulent grilled octopus to creamy lobster pasta, the flavors of Capri will surely captivate your taste buds.

Make sure to sample the island's famous limoncello liqueur, made from the fragrant lemons growing in Capri's sun-kissed orchards. Raise a glass and savor every sip of this delightful local specialty.

Whether you prefer traditional Italian fare or innovative fusion dishes, Capri has it all. Explore the narrow cobblestone streets and stumble upon hidden gems, where you can savor homemade pasta, delicate pastries, and authentic Caprese pizza.

Indulge in a leisurely lunch or a romantic candlelit dinner while enjoying breathtaking views of the sparkling sea. With its unbeatable combination of delicious food and stunning scenery, dining in Capri will be an unforgettable experience.